Re: [videoblogging] INdTV

Kenyatta I think has the right idea.
god bless em if they can pull it off.
but they are competing in an old-timey model.

ill take this opportunity to point you to this project:
which I think is more up everyone's alley here.

its bascially a big playground.
Its all about playing around and being serious.
Free storage and bandwidth for your audio/photos/video.
You let other people play with your work. (not profit)
bascially anyone on the p,anet wirth an internet connection.

i think we all have to learn about playing nice withe each other.
we've never done this before on this scale.
we've spent our lives just watching watching watching…doing our best
to get some stuff made.
Now the dream is approaching….make and distribute like sending an email.
I think its going to be really really really crazy and it's going to
take us some time to adjust.