RE: [videoblogging] introduction

Hello Everybody,

OK, this is my first post so I present myself: I am a fre=
nch guy working
in Dominican Republic. I have made with a friend some web v=
ideos, and I
will start a vlog when I will come back in France (in 2 month)=

I am trying for some time now to have a regular flow of video
, and with a firend, I think we can handle to create a video
at least every=

For the technic, Lucas Gonze, you made a great job ! This is exactl=
what I was expecting. Do you think you can explain to us how you develop
that ?


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videoblogging world.

I am the developer of a web application for music pl=
aylists at
By accident this turns out to be a good platform for=
videoblogging, so
there is a groundswell of videoblogging among the users.=
The lucky
accident is that the SMIL editor and infrastructure for swappin=
g links
work almost as well for video as it does for music.

A couple sampl=
e videologs:

Because the Webjay playlist edit=
or wasn't designed with video in mind,
has a lot of flaws in that regard=
. If there is anything I can do to
support the videoblogging community wit=
h technology, please don't
to ask. The bugs are getting fixed and =
the features are being added, and
eventually I think it'll be a fine tool.

– Lucas Gonze


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