Re: [videoblogging] It's not a video blog if it's on TV

On 23/08/2004, at 1:28 PM, Christopher Weagel wrote:

> I still see that as limiting potential creativity.

ok, I'm all excited because finally there are people who care enough
about this stuff to have opinions. 🙂

I guess we disagree on this. I don't see constraint in terms of frame
size, resolution or bandwidth as a limit in this sense. I see
constraint as integral to creativity, and the big issue in some forms
of new media is the myth that there aren't constraints. or any we have
will be gone in a few years. no constraint, no art, to paraphrase
William Morris.

so i don't see a necessary connection between a limit condition and
limiting creativity. though i accept you see the points i made as
limiting the possibilities then available. fair enough.

> >>That's like saying what makes a western a western
> is a personal definition. It isn't.
> How is limiting the length of a vidblog not a personal definition? A
> western could be feature length or 15 minutes long.
> I understand the technical justification for it, but that doesn't
> apply to all users.

length probably isn't the issue, since length is mutable online.

now, when Jay writes:

> 3. in the background, the bittorent software downloads DVD quality
> videos(maybe just overnight).
> 4. in the morning, you wake up and play these DVD quality videos on
> your big
> TV screen.

I will again be difficult. 😉

what makes a blog a blog? I'd suggest a blog isn't a book. it doesnt'
try to be a book or want to be a book. it is different. yes, blog
writers could be wannabe authors, but they don't confuse their blog
with their manuscript.

a video blog is the same with video. if you really want to shoot and
present full screen full motion video that runs for 30 minutes, you're
a film maker using the internet as a delivery mechanism. nothing wrong
with that, in fact i think it is seriously cool, but it isn't a video
blog. It's a film come video come whatever may.

so when I read what mica says:

> i prefer to watch short installments on somekind of mobile
> device (one tha i could plug into a larger screen if i wanted)
> and watch when i have a minute here and there

I nod. videoblogs I think I think will owe more to television ads than
to cinema. because the blog format is about little morsels. I think it
is a mistake to confuse being able to serve video easily now, with
videoblogging. Just like publishing my essays online should not be
confused with blogging, or writing natively for html.

this is all written with a smile and in good humour. i am stoked that
there are people who now care about this to disagree with. as i said,
we need constraint to find the edges, agreement discussion and
disagreement help with this immensely – vog on.

Adrian Miles
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