re: [videoblogging] MPEG-4 mime type

>Thanks for the suggestion on the permalink thing. I'm still in learning mode
>so I appreciate any suggestions and help.
>Regarding the way Safari dealt with MP4: I'd noticed this immediately as
>well and was going to ask about it but you've proceeded my question. That
>aside, what way should I be presenting my materials online?

I don't think there is (or should be) one right way, but I do think there should be a set of conventions 😉 (sorry, Lucas ) that we try to follow. For example clicking on a thumbnail/poster should cause the video to play whether it is "in place" or in a pop-up window. I found Charlene's vblog a little confusing, when I clicked on the thumbnail I got a large image rather than a movie player. Then I had to click on the text link that said "Download" (Funny, Charlene calls hers a "videoblog vlog vog bog", everything but a vblog, which is my preferred term.)

There are 4 ways I know of to play video by clicking in a webpage:
1) Play it right there in the page (my personal preference for vblogs)
2) Play it in a pop-up *browser* window
3) Play it in a media player, e.g. QuickTime Player, Real Player, etc. (this could be viewed as a different form of #2, but the user generally notices that another application has taken over and has different commands/menus available.)
4) Play it full screen.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but my preference is #1, especially for vblogs like yours that have explanatory text right. You can read the text at the same time as watching the movie. We need a convention for how to indicate that the image represents a movie that will play if clicked. Text hyperlinking guidelines suggest that you don't every say "click here" that the proper word in the text be underlined. Right now you have text that says "Click image to view movie". If there were a convention it will become automatic. There should be some visual cue for first timers and to reinforce that clicking the image is how you view the movie. There are *at least* three ways to do this that I have seen:

1) Have a border around the image that highlights when the mouse rolls over, like Jay has done on his "Obscene Republican Caller" video:

2) Have a border around the image that shows a player or a TV or something, like Steve Garfield uses:

3) Use a wartermark on the JPEG that indicates it is a playable video – I've seen the "play triangle" and/or an image of film/celluloid.

I think this falls into early discussions on this list about the "language of videoblogging".

> I notice with
>Chris' Human Dog pieces that they are MP4 coming up in a separate window. Is
>that a forced QT situation?

No. QuickTime can play right there in the web page. <promo>vBlog Central does this for all three of the major players dynamically in any blog with no HTML programming required.</promo> An example is here:

> I think they are Fast Starting in Safari but not
>in IE?

I saw the same thing, I think Mac IE is "misconfigured out-of-box". You may be able to go to Preferences->Receiving Files->File Helpers to fix the problem, but I haven't tried it yet. Mac IE is discontinued and I am focusing my efforts on Safari and FireFox. If it plays (without QuickStart) in Mac IE that seems "good enough" for me. Not only is Mac IE discontinued it behaves very differently from Win IE, so it doesn't help Mac bloggers/vbloggers/web-designers with making sure their pages work in IE. The more browsers you test with the better, but if you're only going to use two on the Mac, I'd recommend Safari and Firefox (or Mozilla, if you prefer.) Mozilla/Firefox on the Mac behaves almost identically with its counterparts on other platforms.

> My head is reeling. Are there any conclusions for the time being?

I think there are some conclusions, as well as lists of options, and outright questions above.

— Sean

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