Re: [videoblogging] MPEG-4 mime type on "42 Steps "

>IANA documentation on canonical mime types is here:
>A seemingly relevant type is here:
>That defines a mime subtype of mpeg4-generic, meaning that the bit after
>the slash would be mpeg4-generic, meaning that the complete thing would be
>something like video/mpeg4-generic. However mpeg4-generic is surely wrong
>for our purposes (yup, I was wrong before) because it is only for mp4
>items served via the RTP protocol:
> File extension(s):
> None. A file format with the extension .mp4 has been defined for
> MPEG-4 content but is not directly correlated with this MIME type for
> which the sole purpose is RTP transport.

Great research, Lucas. Now that I know what video/mpeg4-generic is for, I'm more confident that video/mp4 is the way to go.

>Obviously I'm only talking about what is canical there, not what works
>in real life. See (if
>you haven't already) on morons, assholes, angels and experts to keep this
>all in perspective.

That's a pretty darned good summary of how things really work out there.
As Jules in Pulp Fiction says, "I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd" (moron-turned-expert).

>I need to spend more time browsing the specs and maybe talking to The
>Committee before I figure out what type we should be using. But I swear
>this is worth doing — get it right and life becomes easier.

Maybe you can be one of those mythical "Angels"? At the very least you can help me move from moron to expert.

— Sean

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