re: [videoblogging] MPEG-4 mime type

Thanks for the suggestion on the permalink thing. I=B9m still in learning m=
so I appreciate any suggestions and help.

Regarding the way Safari dea=
lt with MP4: I=B9d noticed this immediately as
well and was going to ask ab=
out it but you=B9ve proceeded my question. That
aside, what way should I be=
presenting my materials online? I notice with
Chris=B9 Human Dog pieces th=
at they are MP4 coming up in a separate window. Is
that a forced QT situati=
on? I think they are Fast Starting in Safari but not
in IE? My head is reel=
ing. Are there any conclusions for the time being?


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> At 7:14 PM -0700=
8/19/04, Shannon Noble wrote:
>> "42 Steps"
> You should probably use the "permalink" when posting to the list f=
or those of
> us who get behind in our reading from time to time:
> http:/=
> This has the added benefit o=
f bringing up the comments.
> This movie has a a Hitchcock feel to it. =
Are you sure that's really your
> house? Is that really you?
> I've =
got some comments on the user of MPEG-4 which I'll put in a seperate
> mess=
> — Sean