Re: [videoblogging] New here

>Blogging is a great tool, but it relies on written English / other
>written languages, which can make it inaccessible for Deaf people.

Why do written languages make it inaccessible? Am I missing something? I can see how blind people would like audio blogs or the audio track of a video blog.

>For some time, I've wanted to see video blogging … whereby the
>entries are simply videos, which inevitably are signed by the Deaf

Are you implying "talking hands" instead of "talking heads"?

>I am aware this would take up an enormous amount of bandwidth, plus
>server space .. so I question how realistic this dream is.

Bandwidth and storage are, as Adrian eloquently called them, "contraints", but from both the art and technology perspective we can work around them. Bandwidth and storage will also be getting cheaper every year.

>Ideally, I would like to see blogging software such as MT, Blogger
>etc, create video blogs and its not just uploaded files to a
>standard blog. If that makes any sense?

<promo-mode>That's what is trying to do.</promo-mode> Many of us think this type of approach makes sense.

— Sean

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