Re: [videoblogging] New here

> I live in the UK, and I'm no techie, just an end user who is really
> interested in how the net can be utilised better. Specifically on
> video blogging, this is just the thing that I've been looking for in
> relation to Deaf people.

Alison and Rob welcome.
this is exciting.
a lot of talk in this discussion group will be crazy technical but dont
worry. we talk about everything.
our goal is to make videoblogging easy for anyone.

first, if you have a PC, heres a HOW-TO…
Im finishing the How-to for Macs today.

what you need is a camera, a way to get the video onto your computer, a
simple editing program, and a blog.
you also need a fast connection.

for me who has a cable modem, bandwidth isnt that much of an issue.
2 minutes videos load and play fine.

check out my videoblog:
I list all the videoblogs done by people in this group.
(not everyone in this group actively videoblogs)
Mica ( is a great example of a
videoblog. she's not techincal but she has the most active videoblog.
its clean and full.

maybe you can explain a couple things:
do you have a blog, a camera, acomputer, and a pretty fast internet
if so, we're in business.

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