Re: [videoblogging] New Olympic Vlog

>Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X Version 9.0.0 (3307) on my Mac
>gives me this message when I try to play your video:
>"This file may not play correctly because it was compressed by using a
>codec that is not supported."
>Then the video plays with NO sound.

This is a fairly common behavior across players. What (I'm pretty sure) is happening here is that WM player is not recognizing the *audio* codec that was used and that is what the error message is about. It then goes ahead to play the video track since it has the *video* codec.

Most of the AV file formats are container formats, which means inside the have information about how many tracks and what codec is used for each track. So if you have an AV file that uses less common codecs you'll see this type of behavior. I've seen this on Mac and Windows with files in the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .avi, and .wmv — all of these formats are actually formats within formats.

Most of the media player "architectures" support a plug-in mechanism where you can add additional codecs, so what works on your system may not work on someone else's.

My Mac and Windows PC have just about every codec there is installed on them, so I can play almost anything. When I find something that doesn't play, I try to find something to install to make it play. This makes me a lousy tester of compatibility for vBlogs because my systems aren't typical of, say, Steve Garfield's mom. (Steve, can we use her as the example user in discussions like these?)

Most of the folks on this list probably have more AV formats installed on their machine than the average user (e.g. Steve's mom) so we are all at risk for creating video that the public can't watch. That is why it is important to ask people to comment if they can't play something.

— Sean

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