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I agree with you about the music and coherency. I=B9m not sure if its an
sult to others or just laziness on my part.

On another note I was invite=
d to do a presentation on vlogging/vogging for
L.A. Freewaves this coming N=
ovember. I'd gone to a party this afternoon and
someone asked what I was up=
to and I responded and was invited to do a
presentation immediately. I exp=
lained it as a group effort and did not imply
that it was something I was d=
oing on my own so I will present it as a group
concept and talk about our v=
ideo blogging efforts and implications. I'll be
trowling for material over =
the next couple months if I decided to do it.

L..A. Freewaves is a very go=
od week long video fest in Los Angeles that runs

I was quite surprised when I was asked to do thi=


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> An=
interesting video. The music encourages the viewer to create coherence
> w=
hile watching. I guess we can't help try to make sense of events…
> Lisa=

> Shannon Noble <sn@…> wrote:
>> Using footage from some of you her=
>> .s

–This is Vlog: