Re: [videoblogging] New Post

I hope I didn't sound harsh. I really enjoyed the video, but I was
disappointed about the license that's all (now if you've actually violated
a sharealike license I would've been annoyed).

You can read all about creative commons at <>

And you should be able to get educated on Fair Use in any book on media
law. When you are doing works like your revogs you can probably do a lot
and still be covered by Fair Use.

We have a great chance for making people aware of what they can and can't
do in regards to copyrights because no many are videoblogging it's
possible to get the word out to everyone. If everyone is aware of their
rights (both as artists, consumers and artist/consumers) they will educate
new videobloggers as they emerge. It's important to get these things right
so we won't get percieved as 'thieves' the same way peer-to-peer music
downloaders are.

When I get around to updating the about page on my website I will make
most of my content available under various creative commons licenses, and
I expect those licenses to be respected. They say 'some rights reserved'
not 'do whatever you'd like'. :o)

– Andreas, who thinks copyright law is pretty good (it's the patent laws
that are broken beyond repair).

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:38:18 -0700, Shannon Noble <sn@…> wrote:

> Now that you pointed that out I will change it. At the time I was
> confused
> enough by the procedure of getting something online plus figuring out
> what
> the licensing meant….well I pushed a couple buttons. Yours too. I'll
> fix
> it if that's able. I don't quite understand the licensing concept
> anyways.
> On 9/14/04 10:35 AM, "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@…> wrote:
>> On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 10:51:44 -0700, Shannon Noble <sn@…> wrote:
>>> Using footage from some of you here.
>> I watched it when you put it on earlier. There I was
>> disappointed to see that you had chosen to make it available under the
>> NoDerivs license. Was that a mistake or why did you choose this?
>> It just seems wrong to me that while you are counting on others to
>> provide
>> you footage, you don't want any to reuse your material.
>> Remember that if you are using footage license with a sharealike license
>> you have to make your work available under the same license. This could
>> lead to some interesting problems where a movie is made up of clips with
>> different sharealike licenses…
>> – Andreas
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