Re: [videoblogging] New Video Upload Website

> Anyway I hope vidbloggers can find my site useful. It's not a vidblog
> in itself, but vidbloggers can post small clips and link them to their
> blog and also to other video clips on the site. If the site develops
> enough traffic, it could become a great promotional tool for
> vidbloggers. Also not this is my version 1.0 so things could change.
> I think that will be determined by the feedback I get. Also, as of
> this moment, the site is completely clean. It's brand new and waiting
> for uploads.

is it just for video phones?
just GP3?
what if i have a QT on my computer?
you have size limits?

what is your motivation?
you looking for certian kinds of video or anything at all?

by the way, whats your name?