Re: [videoblogging] no video iPod?

>I used to own a Nokia 3650. Some of you may know what happened to it…

Didn't realize that was you! If I'd been on the bomb squad, I'm sure I'd have been impressed with your work, too.
Are they holding everything as evidence for a pending trial? What's the excuse?

>It was fun to capture video with my phone and email it or post it on a
>TextAmerica blog — quality was shit, but fun to play with. But, I
>never really used it to watch other video content — other than
>self-created videos. Maybe this was because there wasn't much
>available that I'd want on my phone. Or, maybe because I didn't want
>to wait to download stuff over GPRS (slow and annoying).

My experience has been the same. It's been great for capturing short video clips of the kids and I used it to do some "citizen journalism" when I happened upon the FCC raid of Free Radio Santa Cruz. I'd say that this phone is a proof of concept.

The Nokia 7610 ( has better video and built-in editing functions but is still on GPRS (haven't seen one yet.) and is not yet available in the U.S.

The Nokia 6630 (,,58708,00.html) has better video and EDGE support, but is even further away from U.S. availability. This is the one I'd like to get. I know another American who has imported more advanced models from the U.K.

GPRS lets your phone access the Internet at roughly modem speed, EDGE is supposed to be 2-3 times faster. Waiting for 3GPP video on GPRS is "slow and annoying" but should be acceptable on EDGE. EDGE is available in the Silicon Valley, but not over at the beach in Santa Cruz.

>I think I would be way more likely to subscribe to a blog rather than
>traditional media content. Watching movie trailers isn't appealing to

Certainly not for movies that came out last year, which is the case on the Real site on my phone. ("Cat and the Hat", probably the worst movie I've ever seen…)

> Maybe I'm not quite the standard consumer, but I'm probably not
>alone on this list.

Videoblogs with syndication and enclosures will (in time) be a great source of content.

— Sean

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