Re: [videoblogging] our new videoblogger

> I'm a week late for official 'video blogging week' ,but im going to
> put a daily video up for the duration of my free trial month at
> typepad. Im taking cues from what people are talking about and
> doing in this group. you can check it out at

Alright we have our first new blogger.
and she's in for a month…
I know Mica and this is something she's been thinking about for a long time:
how to put up little videos easily.
We hung out for a couple hours yesterday working with typepad, had a long
phone fight, and then she's videoblogging.
(if she didnt have a Mac, i think the process would be much more difficult.
Imovie makes it so easy).

now im going to get her into Ecto, and she's off.
watch out.
we need more videos.

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