Re: [videoblogging] our very own website

I'm still on my vacation, currently checking in from a
friend-of-a-friend's apartment in Chicago. I've got some quick comments

> we also showing people new videos that get made.
> Andreas came up with an ingenious scheme:
> when you post a video, just send us a trackback ping.
> this lets the site know you have a new video.

If you have any questions at all about sending these pings just send me an
email. The pings are not the optimal solution, but it'll have to work
until I get back on a regular schedule in Denmark. What we'd like to have
is a list of links to as many video entries as possible. Forcing people to
tell us when their site is updated is not the best solution (because
people tend to forget).

What we'll try to do is to make this process automatic so that the
bloggers just have to post their entries and the list will be updated
without them having to do anything. So that's my job when I back from

– Andreas

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