Re: [videoblogging] Polluting the list with standards discussions

>> B) At what point should I, Lucas, and other interested people move
>> these kind of technical discussions to another location?

For myself I will try to not be strident. It's a lot harder — takes more
writing talent and more drafting time — to express things in shades
instead of absolutes. If I seem confrontational it's partly that I'm
writing fast, partly that we haven't yet established common ground, and
partly that this is genuinely a time of change.

That said, I think that extremely detailed technical discussions need to
happen. We need to build an interest group of people with backgrounds in
a/v tech*, HTTP, MIME, and syndication, figure out and write down best
practices, then build a new generation of software. Lots of work!

– Lucas

* which excludes me. I know nothing about the guts of a/v files.