Re: [videoblogging] question

On 17/09/2004, at 3:07 AM, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

> Yes, that's at the core of it. The problem isn't that movies aren't
> hypertext, the problem is to make movies hypermedia. But this is also
> where we're talking past each other. There are two different
> 'problems'.
> One is that audio/movies created right now aren't hypermedia. You can't
> put links in your mp3 files. You *can* put links into your quicktime
> movies, but people aren't *doing* it. So at least quicktime movies (and
> SMIL presentations) are hypermedia, but noone except Adrian Miles and
> his
> cronies are taking advantage of it.
Except that most of my stuff is just playing around with stuff, not a
lot of the movies I make have urls embedded. Though I am beginning to
make some work that does this.

What you're doing is fantastic, and is so important I can't say LOUDLY
enough how important it is.

> You mention that pingbacks take too much work for the user, but I
> disagree. It is (or will be) transparent for the user. Only in my
> simple
> tests users are required to manually send pingbacks to the people they
> are
> linking to. In reality this will be automatic. Take WordPress for
> example:
> When you post a new entry WordPress finds all your outgoing links and
> sends pingbacks for you. Total transparency.
> The same should (will be) true for audio and video content. When you
> post
> a new audio/video file you blogging system should extract all outgoing
> links in your audio/video file and send off pingbacks to those URLs.
> Your blogging system should of course assign the permalink to the
> actual
> audio/video file, and not the containing HTML. Unless your post is
> mixed
> media (text and video together. Like most of Lisa Harper's posts where
> the
> video shouldn't stand alone). Only then we'll have a hypermedia
> network.

off top of my head. QT has a text track type. This is just plain old
text. Could be an xml file, for example. Wouldn't it be cool if your
vog application extracted links automagically into a text track,
wrapped it up as XML, and then then made this available.

What you and Lucas are discussing are way past my technical
competencies, but the sort of movies that David Wolf has been making
are potentially interesting. They read XML and display content
accordingly. So you could have a QT movie that reads a RSS feed (or any
other XML file) and that could display the other QT movies (or jpegs or
mpeg 4's, not windows media though) that are trackbacks, or pings. HTML
pages could just be text links since they'd be turned into text tracks
inside this QT movie.

Not sure if that makes sense, sort of day dreaming through these ideas,
and the possibilities. But yes, i want pings in my video that are
automatically extracted.
> Until we get that there is a temporary solution. There are two issues:
> 1)
> We need to extract links to pingback and 2) We need a way to tell that
> a
> video entry is a video entry and not an HTML entry (nor a mixed media
> entry).
> 1) Is solved by putting all your outgoing links in the description of
> the
> video entry. That way your blogging system will see them (because it
> cannot yet extract links from a quicktime file) and send off pingbacks.

Do you mean in the metadata for an entry? Where, how would i put this?
In MT would it go within the rdf that is attached to each post?
Adrian Miles