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On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 10:57:20 +1000, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@…>

> i propose a video project that does what Jay asks. So one day one
> person posts, next day someone responds, and so on. Those with SMIL can
> build a player, i'll provide embed source code to make it work in
> quicktime (sorry, having trouble making swf work in QT at the moment),
> and i'll make a version of it too that does things with it in QT.

I wanted to get this online last night before all of you sent out all
these e-mails. My FTP program decided to break, and I didn't want to deal
with it so I waited until now to figure out a solution.

Anyway, I put up a small video at:

Anyone can add their own video comment to this entry, and each comment
will be played after the original post. There are still some issues with
Quicktime not loading the video the way I want it to, but I can't figure
that out (I'm not a SMIL/QT expert).

So have fun and add some comments so I can see how this works. The script
only accepts quicktime movies (.mov files) and files should be less than 4

I had this mostly ready Monday, but I had the hardest time getting
anything edited. It seemed like no piece of software on my computer wanted
to cooperate with me. Even iMovie at the university's Mac-lab were pissing
me off on a regular basis.

– Andreas

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