Re: [videoblogging] question #2

On 02/09/2004, at 6:25 PM, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

>> congrats Andreas, this is wonderful. i seem to have no bandwidth today
>> so will have to wait until tomorrow to add my bit. Are you using RTSP
>> top deliver?
> I wish. This is my first time working with Quicktime and SMIL so I
> have no
> idea what I'm doing. is a SMIL file that just links to
> the
> different title images and movies. You can see the SMIL text if you
> open
> in a text editor.

ah, of course 🙂
> What I *think* is causing all the trouble is that my original post is
> an
> mpeg4 file and it looks like Quicktime can't figure out when to start
> playback so quicktime just waits until the entire clip has been
> downloaded. My reason for thinking this is that all the comments are
> playing more smoothly, even if you skip directly to them.

probably not fast start. Does anyone know if saving to mp4 in QT makes
it fast start? I would have thought this was the default but i'm not
sure. ONe work around could be to then open the mp4 in QT, file save as
and save as self contained. Lets you give it a .mov container/suffix
and i'm pretty sure then makes the movie fast start too.
> As I understand it RTSP would make all these problems go away? Do I
> need
> special software on the server to use RTSP? Because in that case I'm
> out
> of luck.

QuickTime Streaming Server is free streaming sw. streams qt and i think
real or similar streams. it does let you go anywhere within a clip, but
since it is rtsp you can lose big time on quality if clients don't have
> I have a plan for version 2 of the video comments. I will write those
> up
> later today (after breakfast especially).

looking forward to it.

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