Re: [videoblogging] question #2

> what if this is how collaborative videos started to be created…
> i post a video and then charlene, mica, and shannon each post a video
> comment…a thread develops.
> then somehow(maybe through an automatic playlist) you could play the
> original
> video folloed by all the comment videos togther.

Like Sean has suggested on your weblog at
I would much prefer to use either TrackBacks or Pingbacks instead of
regular comment forms. I've written a whole bunch while watching Denmark
win yet another bronze at the olympics tonight:


And a quote:
"What you will most likely have is person A creating a video that is
commented on by B, C and D. D will also comment on E. E and F will comment
on B and finally G will comment on F and A. You don't make an automated
playlist of that. Instead you let the user (the reader) make their own
navigation through the conversation, just like you navigate through
webpages to create your own story."

– Andreas

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