Re: [videoblogging] Re: Adrian's Flash vs. QT Analysis

On 26/08/2004, at 11:58 AM, The Dane wrote:

> I've heard the QT can script as well as ActionScript but haven't
> seen it so I'll trust you as someone infinitely more accustomed to
> QT than I. One misapprehension that I'd like to alleive is the fps
> bit. While early Flash editions may have been restricted to 12 fps
> (as video media wasn't yet something importable and web animation at
> 12 fps doesn't look that bad), recent editions allow the creator to
> define fps for the project to match media. Macromedia does seem to
> be pretty good about becoming kinder to video import and from what I
> hear, Flash MX imports QT admirably (I've only done one test, the
> Spider-Man 2 trailer, and it seemed to work fine). Flash's main
> deficit in my experience is syncing audio and video – so I may turn
> to QT for my video editing, but import into Flash for publication.
yeah, i know that Flash lets you nominate frames. was being colourful
is it the case that if you put video (say QT) into flash it turns it
into the format that Flash needs? or does it just load and play it as a
QT object?

> Really though, I'm glad that both kinds (Flash and QT) exist out
> there, because if it were one or the other, half the people able to
> do this vidblog thing wouldn't be able to. I know for a fact that as
> a designer (and someone who would love to be a filmmaker but hasn't
> the foggiest idea about that stuff), if I had to jump into QT to do
> this thing, I would never have began – because it was intimidating
> (though now that I've found my feet, the transition would be easier.
> However, since I already have familiarity with Flash MX, it was just
> another step in a direction in which I was already headed to start
> publishing vidblogs in Flash (plus I already had familiarity with
> the scripting language. I do like that Flash and QT are becoming
> fully intercompatible though.

absolutely. diversity, competition good things. what's interesting in
this is microsoft doesn't exist. i think they have to change (god,
someone's putting something strange in my coffee for me to believe
that). video on computers is going to become as obvious to do as words
on a computer. Any one who uses a Mac for video knows what I'm talking
about, there's nothing to it. There is something to learn about how to
edit, just like we have to learn how to write and then edit in Word,
but that's a different problem than "how do I get the video into my
video editor".

And just as html and xml have indicated, interoperability is paramount.
so, Microsoft have to come on board, or invent a better standard.

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