Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

> Does this way of adding text work in all SMIL players or just real player?

Frames and text are part of the SMIL spec. The template I have does not
work in QT, I believe it has to do with the use of "Realtext" in the
text frame. But as Lucas pointed out, the problem w/ launching a SMIL
file from a MOV discouraged me from looking much into it. There are
SMIL authoring tools, it might be worth looking at those. Check out :

which has the spec and links to all kinds of resources.

> And I would like it to look prettier

Can you tell I'm not a graphic designer? 🙂

> Is there an easy way to bundle the video
> itself and the SMIL data into one file for download…?

That would be up to the individual player. I'm not sure how that
behavior works with the various players if they are launched on their
own versus when they run in a browser.

Quick rant. If you have multiple video formats to support, SMIL is no
good given how fractured the video market is. Real and QT support SMIL
but you can't mix the two in a SMIL file, and that doesn't even take
into account WM. Mpeg4 was supposed to save us but it will be years if
ever its widespread enough. I came to the unfortunate conclusion that
the way to do a playlist that supports multiple formats is to use
javascript in a browser and use plugins. I haven't had time to do it,
it would probably take a lot of effort. The interface for the Media
Rights Film Fest:

has the right idea. One would have to modify it to automatically play
the next clip and switch between plugins.

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