Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, alan wrote:

> > I think that mpeg video is supported by all major vendors. At the
> > least, Real, Winamp, and WMP.
> Do you mean mpeg1 or 4? Mpeg1 is too bandwidth inefficient, mpeg4 is
> not in wide enough use and does not look like it will be for a couple
> years, if ever. Encoders are costly and users are not switching quickly
> from WMV and Sorenson. Mpeg4's promise was that it could be the mp3 of
> video, I think WMV is likely to prevent that from happening.

I have to admit that I don't know whether I mean mpeg1 or 4. 🙂

How bad is mpeg1? It's really unusable? That's a big loss.

> > That said, if you export video to *both* Real and WMV, Webjay will >
> do the work of keeping them sorted out.
> Well, Webjay can't tell if they are the same video. They may be, but
> one version may be a longer version at a lower bitrate, part two, or a
> different video entirely. You need metadata for that, either from the
> user or potentially from Atom's alternate mechanism.

Not a a problem. What Webjay does is make sure that only Real media goes
in Real playlists and only Windows media goes in WMP playlists. If a
videoblogger posts both a Real and a WMP version of the same item, Webjay
doesn't have to know that they're the same thing to keep them sorted.

> > A user with WMP will get only WMV, a user with Real will get only
> > Real.
> I think Webjay is the bee's knees but format incompatibilities mean the
> technology dictates the user experience to an excessive amount. If a
> group of videobloggers want to make a playlist of their combined week's
> output and some use mov and some wmv they are up shit creek. The web
> could not have become what it is if its components competed to the
> extent that video technology currently does. Competition, of course,
> can be a good thing but users are getting very little value from it.

This is a serious problem. We are up shit creek indeed. I guess that one
could host a format converter which dynamically created whatever format
was needed from whatever input format the videoblogger generated.

We have a lot of work ahead.