Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:22:19 -0400 (EDT), Lucas Gonze <lgonze@…>
> wrote:
> > The (still embryonic) XSPF playlist format has explicit support for this
> > etiquette. See the playlist/trackList/track/info element in the draft
> > spec at
> It looks pretty good after a first read. I have a couple of questions:
> There are a couple of references containing xspf://. Are you planning to
> use this pseudo-protocol when referring to XSPF playlists? I hope not,
> it'd be the same mistake as serving RSS over a feed:// protocol. You're
> just serving XML over http so it should use the http:// protocol. :o)

That's a (slightly broken) XPath expression referring to an element in the
xspf namespace. I have changed the spec document to get rid of the source
of the confusion.

> I would like to see the license element available to tracks as well as the
> playlist. It's pretty uninteresting to know which license the playlist is
> released under. I'm not even sure a playlist is copyrightable (under
> Danish law anyway) – I doubt it constitutes a 'work'. What's important
> though is the license of each track.

To declare the license of a referenced URL, use the Creative Commons spec
defined at Namespace it in
as xmlns:cc="", then add an element in
//playlist/trackList/track like this:
<cc:license rdf:resource="" />

The reason to get license info on the playlists themselves in there is to
prevent the kind of disaster we've had on sound files, where it is nearly
impossible to determine what is authorized using a program. You have to
get it right from the beginning or you'll never be able to fix it later.

> The other big thing I'm lacking is hyperlink references. I'm all about
> hyperlinks (that's what makes www different from all other media). I would
> like links under license, playlist author (scratch that – it's already
> there), track author and definately links in the annotation.

About links for track author, you should namespace in a metadata format
that does a good job of defining authorship, then use an element from that
format. We had MusicBrainz on the brain for that purpose, since it does a
very nice job on things like authorship. (MusicBrainz people were major
contributors in the WG).

> Keeping the
> annotation in text/plain is not cool. Having it in text/html (well,
> application/xhtml+xml really) would be much nicer – simply for the sake of
> links.

We did that for simplicity, because MP3 player developers tend strong to
be XML/HTML phobic. Now I regret it because of the charset problems it
creates. 🙁

Hopefully that will be fixed in the next rev.

> All in all I think it's a fantastic work. :o)

Our goal was to not suck. 🙂

Let me know if I can assist with any details, since there is very little
documentation for now.


> I could see myself using this as a videoblog archive pulling information
> as needed. Or maybe for single entries (a playlist with only one item). As
> I said in the other e-mail it'd be very easy to make an HTML based
> videoblog player with XSPF. Must experiment…
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