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On 26/08/2004, at 5:02 PM, Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 wrote:

> I'm not finding QT entirely well behaved, at least in some
> implementations. I was never able to see all of Chris' latest Human
> Dog post. In Firefox, it kept asking me to download a plug-in, which
> turned out to be QT which is already installed. I reinstalled it
> twice, but kept getting that plug-in message. Then I tried IE, but
> could only get about 30 seconds into the movie before it would simply
> stall. I'll try again today and see if that was just some sort of
> server choke.

yeah, this sometimes happen. quite a bit of my stuff breaks on PC but i
describe it as 'experimental' rather than accessible 🙂

> So far I'm seeing fewer problems with people viewing the SWF on my
> site, though that may be wishful thinking – I haven't had a lot of
> comments from you guys on my videos, one way or the other. One
> downside of SWF seems to be that it's not eligible (probably because
> not usable) for your vogroll, and may not be re-voggable, so I feel
> like I'm missing out on being part of the community!

flash plays the same everywhere. QT and other formats don't. There are
cross platform issues. on the other hand if we all used mpeg4 (which
can be anything) then i'd expect decent mpeg4 plug ins for windows to
be out there (yes?) MPEG4 is a format that is a ratified and open
standard. It is proprietary, like Beta or VHS, but published and so
developers can make players, codecs and so on for it. It is the basis
of the new DVD codec, and video on phones.

> Then there's the installed base question. Video is doubtless a lot
> easier on the Mac, but I've been professionally involved in Windows
> consumer software for many years, so I'm stuck with Windows, as is,
> what, 95% of the world? So I'm trying to approach this from a
> Windows-minimalist POV – what would a low-end Windows consumer have,
> or be able to get cheaply, and feel comfortable with?

see above 🙂
> NB: Part of the reason I'm using Flash at all is that I need to put
> video on a corporate website and therefore needed to learn the best
> way to do that. This is a different set of problems, where ease of
> production is far less important (they pay me to do it) than ease of
> viewing.

true, but like beta versus vhs, I'd hate to see the better format
(beta) die because no one used it (that's not why beta lost the format
war btw). mpeg4 is a way out of this, that is not about flash or
quicktime or wmv.

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