Re: [videoblogging] Re: free editing software for PC

>>> jay@… 07/12/04 1:58 AM >>>

> > someone i work with said you can download free Avid editing software.
> > probably very simple but maybe like Imovie for Macs.
> >
> > let us know if it works.
> It doesn't seem to be available right now – the download link goes to
> a "not found" page, and searching the site doesn't turn up anything
> useful.

Try downloading the free Avid again.
i just downlaoded their version for Mac.
it made me fill out annoying personal info(i make it up) before i can
then it gave me a serial number to install it.
now it works.

avid is the industry standard for PC editing.
you may have to learn a little bit if youve never edited video on a
it looks like it has an export function to create small movies for the web.

plus its free.

not sure about free pc version but the mac version did/does appalling job of exporting to qt, don't remember since long
time since used it but exported into uncompressed qt then used something sensible to compress for online delivery.

adrian miles