Re: [videoblogging] Re: has uploads posted …what do you think?

> Granted these were not the videos I was hoping to have posted. I was
> hoping that the very first videos might just be some shout-outs or
> something. Having people testing out the service that way and just
> other simple things to start. I think it will happen, but may take
> some time.

im not trying to get down on you.
im gl;ad youre reaching out to get video collected.
but ive noticed that this is the biggest problem:
not the tech…because we can work out the tools and conecting.
its a pain but its just work.

the real challenge is getting people to think in video.
to make video a part of their lives.
(editing or no editing)
the challenge is to convince people that the life they lead, the ideas
they have, the fantasies they have are worth recording and posting.

but im not sure how visual we are taught ot be.
im still trying to figure it out and i do this for a living.