Re: [videoblogging] Re: Inner workings

On 01/08/2004, at 4:10 PM, Shannon Noble wrote:

> I am greatly confuse=
d by the difference between the mp4 download vs.
> the .mov download and t=
his is a great frustration. Naturally I want
> global access and return an=
d immediate read/stream. So why does one
> format and browser show me imme=
diate stream and another waits till the
> entire piece downloads as is suc=
h the case here. The mp4 file had to
> download completely and the .mov QT=
streamed immediately…I=92m using
> Safari for this. Oye. My head is spi=

there isn't any difference. an mp4 is a particular file format =
ratified by the appropriate consortium. .mov is a file format used by
QuickTime. its liek the difference betwen rtf and doc, they're just
s, both download just the same way.

difference in presentation: one is fas=
t start, the other probably
isn't. fast start means key data at head of fi=
le so video can play
before all data downloaded. non fast start means this=
data is not at
head of file so entire file needs to be downloaded before =
it can play.

it isn't an issue at your end, but at the compression end.

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