Re: [videoblogging] Re: It's not a video blog if it's on TV

> > I'd much rather lounge on the sofa in front of the
> > TV, especially when it's something the whole family wants to watch.
> > Now if I could combine the comfort of the sofa with the control of the
> > PC…

> Some of these videos might just be too small to watch on TV from your
> comfy couch across the room.

This is why the vision would work like this:
1. you have a Bit-torent program on your computer.
(bit-torrent is a file sharing mechanism that downloads huge files from
multiple servers at once)
2. you subscribe to certain videoblogs.
3. in the background, the bittorent software downloads DVD quality
videos(maybe just overnight).
4. in the morning, you wake up and play these DVD quality videos on your big
TV screen.
Your computer automatically erases older videos..or the ones you dont
save…just like Tivo.

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