Re: [videoblogging] Re: Legality of adding music?

On 12/10/2004, at 3:27 AM, Jay dedman wrote:

> however, my personal opinion is that if you are not profiting from
> your videoblog…use what you want.
> if someone doesnt like it, theyll let you know.
> Fair Use does speak of putting things in different context.

not in this country in the current climate. We have had uni students
prosecuted and the practice *traditionally* in film and tv (which we
teach) is that if your work is to be shown to a public (any public) you
must have clearances for all material. This is 100% non negotiable.
Profit or not for profit doesn't enter into it.

Also, like Andreas notes, there are rules for these things. Here if you
even want to play music in your shop you must purchase a licence to do
so, the cost is trivial, and the fees collected by the agency
responsible are distributed back to the copyright owners. These are
strongly legislated for, and is the environment we have to work in, so
bring on the CC work! pronto 🙂

Adrian Miles