Re: [videoblogging] Re: New here

> Blogging, I see more as a medium whereby Deaf people can record
> ideas / thoughts and basically archives. For years, Deaf history
> has been lost, simply because there hasn't been accessible methods
> of recording thoughts. Okay there is personal videos, but these
> aren't accessible. Blogging provides a whole new medium.
> I'm also wanting to use blogs as an educational tool too. vBlogs
> have many potential uses in the Deaf community, and cannot be
> attributed to singular purposes.
> I see this being the same for vblogs being used in other contexts
> too. Didn't someone ask us to brainstorm?

yes. we want to brainstorm just like this.
chatting is goofy to me.
just you said…making a video archives moments and ideas.
the internet can the really become a vault for who we are.
imagine my grandkids can know me through my videoblog.

so what do you guys need to get started?
you understand how to put a video on your blog?
you just got to get the process down a couple times and its easy.
Maybe its time for another "videoblog week".

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