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It's not the video format, it's the HTML. You'll have to not do any of
he typical weirdness that accompanies video, which means:

* No javascript =
hrefs like href=3D"javscript:openWindow(URL of
your video).

* Put the v=
ideo on the page with the metadata. Most of the time people
will link to =
your intro page because it has all the metadata. For
example, Steve Garfi=
eld mainly gets links to his blog, but videos are
played as embeds within =
a new window. What happens is that nobody links
to the video page, and si=
nce the video page doesn't contain much metadata
Google wouldn't know how =
to index it if they did link directly.

* Put a direct href to the source o=
f the video. Don't make it only
visible within an object tag for launchin=
g the player window. Otherwise
all the pagerank goes to the player, like =
the QuickTime cab file, because
it is the only visible link target.

On Sa=
t, 31 Jul 2004, Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 wrote:

> — In videobloggi=, Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@S…> wrote:
>> Well, one thing t=
o think about is that Flash video, unlike other video
>> formats, won't be =
indexed by multimedia search engines. That might not
>> seem like a big dea=
l right now, but it will be a huge deal pretty soon.
>> Just as Google kill=
ed search-unfriendly content management systems
> dead,
>> multimedia searc=
h will kill search-unfriendly video formats.
> This is something I've bee=
n wondering about, so I'm glad you brought
> it up. What is it in other vid=
eo formats that makes them more
> searchable? What if you put text on the p=
age that describes the video?
> Does that solve the problem?
> best reg=
> Deirdr=E9 Straughan
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