Re: [videoblogging] Re: Push the limits of Content and Delivery

You don't have to be a blogger to publish video on the web, but
weblogs do =
make the web part a lot easier. They provide a system for
relatively easy p=
ublishing of content. Each entry has an individual
place on the web with a =
permalink. Archives are handled nicely for you
— entries are timestamped a=
nd have other metadata that is useful for
categorizing you entries. There a=
re other handy built-in features,
should you opt to use them, such as comme=
nts, trackbacks, and pings.
And the big thing for me is RSS to ease distrib=
ution of content.

Of course, you can simply publish video on a website tha=
t is not a
blog, but your website can quickly get out of hand if you aren't=
at maintaining it. It will be hard to browse and search, and
ly it will be harder for users (let alone search engines) to
find your vide=
os. There is a lot of great video scattered all over the
web now — just tr=
y and find it. This fact of the web is what makes
WebJay so compelling to m=
e. It attempts to address the "find it"
problem by cultivating a community =
of people who do just that — they
find things, point to them, and organize=
them in playlists. They're
pre-surfing the web for you — which is what ma=
ny bloggers do when
they simply point to a link and add commentary.

So, to=
me, its not that blogging adds much to the video — although
some people t=
ry to make their videoblogs like personal journals — but
its that it provi=
des an easy system for regular publishing,
organizing, archiving, and distr=
ibution of content. Content, of
course, can be anything.


On Sat, 2=
0 Nov 2004 14:13:08 -0000, Deirdr=E9 Straughan
<lists@…> wrote:=

> > Why don't more people get involved? Lack of understanding =
of what a blog
> > is, and distance from the computer culture that many of =
us vbloggers
> take
> > for granted. Many people out there don't find probl=
ems with
> TV/mainstream
> > video media. In Oakland, CA, not enough people=
have access to computers,
> > much less access to a decent education. Whic=
h reminds me, are there
> any SF
> > bay Area people who would like to talk=
to me about setting up a video
> > blogging program for high school studen=
ts at oakland tech?
> Does it have to be blogging, however you define th=
at? Within the
> context of this group's title, I guess one could argue tha=
t it should,
> but perhaps we should not let our perceptions be bound by bl=
> "traditions" (which don't stretch all that far back anyway).
> =
Personally, I was a "real" blogger for less than a month, and don't
> have =
a lot of sympathy with the format, though I applaud that it makes
> publish=
ing oneself on the web so much easier for so many. But I am
> interested in=
other ways that video can be used, with or without
> surrounding text etc.=
, by ANYbody who wants to say ANYthing.
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