Re: [videoblogging] Re: QT Pro Export and Adobe Premiere

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 14:18:26 -0700, Shannon Noble <sn@…> wrote:

> Humor me. Try exporting a photo-jpeg which will be a .mov file.

I tried both Motion JPEG A and B (is that what I was supposed to do?).
Same result: Export goes fine, but Premiere won't recognize the file type.

> What file size is your camera shooting? 320×240 off of a digital still
> camera that shoots mpeg video also?

It can do both 320×240 at 24 frames per second or 640×480 at 12 frames per
second. The clip I'm working with is 320×240 at 24 frames per second (for
now. I'll probably lower it to 15 fps later). The camera is a Kodak DX

> The frame skipping may only be a playback issue due to slow computer or
> low
> memory.

That's very likely. I'm using a 900MHZ PIII with 256 MB RAM. And a
harddrive that's about to die. It's a laptop too, and no I can't afford a
new one. :o(

– Andreas

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