Re: [videoblogging] Re: RocketBoomSucks

>Its precisely the fact that its a different distribution model that
>makes it different from (and in competition with) television. TV is
>simply a distribution method for video. But its a tightly controlled
>one that leaves little room for independently produced content.

The distribution mechanism (media) affects the message. TV "shows" are typically 20 or 40 minutes long (to fill 1/2 hour or 1 hour timeslots with commercials.) Rocketboom is very much like television, but is different in, at least two ways:
1) It recognizes that Internet/blog distribution calls for short "shows".
2) It is "independent"

>Rocketboom is independent — there is no one telling us what we can
>and can't produce.

Rocketboom is independent, but what does "independent" really mean? Does it simply mean that you guys don't have corporate bosses, or does it mean more than that? Who tells Jeffrey Katzenberg what he can and can't produce? (My answer: his investors, his customers, "community standards", and government regulations.) Rocketboom has (or will have?) many of the same constraints.

There are a lot of things that independent can mean:
1) No "corporate" bosses
2) No self-imposed restrictions by trying to attract a mass audience and/or
make a profit
3) Willingness to risk the wrath of the regulators (which is less likely
to be incurred with a smaller audience.)

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this…

>Rocketboom uses the Internet as a distribution medium — not TV,
>Satellite, or Cable.
>Rocketboom uses a weblog format for frequent publishing, archiving
>content, and to aid distribution (RSS).

Right. To paraphrase and distort Adrian Miles: video becomes different simply by putting it in a blog. I don't want to make any statements restricting what people can do, but there have been discussions about what is "blog-like video".

This brings me back to one criticism/comment about RocketBoom. To me, it has a "corporate feel". I suspect, this may have been what struck a nerve with Shannon. This "corporate feel" is, I think, a result of having a professional actress reading a script, and in the blog community we expect individual voices. (Does Amanda really know what PHP is? Don't see any mention of computers on her resume, even in "personal interests"…) What I'd like to see is video posts and/or text talking about the "RocketBoom creative process" so we get some transparency into how this is made. E.g. Does Josh write the script and Amanda just read it? Who finds and selects the videos that you are commenting on?

"Weekend Update" (Saturday Night Live) and the "Daily Show" are good examples of "news format" shows (in the MSM, no less) that seem to have individual voices: Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, etc.

I hope you'll consider my criticism to be constructive, because I really think that what you guys are doing is great!

— Sean

M. Sean Gilligan