Re: [videoblogging] Re: Server side optimizing?

> wait a second.
> so this is a server side compressor folder?
> peter could just FTP (from any computer)a small MPEG to a folder on his
> server and it would compress the video…and maybe even post it to his blog?
> no way….
> must it be OSX?

I'm really "on vacation", meaning that I work with other stuff from 9am to 10pm
and have no time available for this. But when I do, in some weeks, I'll be
working on server side video compressing. The idea is that anyone could upload a
video file through http, it will automatically get compressed and be available
for download for anyone. When this is done, any blog could link directly to it,
preferrably automatically by some script. I will make this "web encoding tool"
available for everyone that is interested. (I might also have some storage,
bandwidth, subdomains, and ssh login for vblog-interested people. Not much
cpu-power, though, server running cel450, 256ram)

I'm looking at command line encoding tools like mencoder (and ffmpeg, transcode,
etc.) Still experimental for me. Some mac-oriented people are talking about OS X
and this watch folder, and it seems ok, I've just tried it. But I'm trying to
figure out how to do this with free software (I'm running FreeBSD). But both
Cleaner and mencoder has some problems not being able to decode as many formats
as I would like, meaning they aren't able to encode them. I don't know which
tool's able to support most formats. There seems to be difficult to automate
this, meaning that some user configuration/tweaking for every uploaded file may
be necessary. Ideas, anyone?

�smund Garfors
Bergen, Norway