Re: [videoblogging] Re: Server side optimizing?

On 14/07/2004, at 7:06 AM, =C5smund Garfors wrote:

> I'm looking at comma=
nd line encoding tools like mencoder (and ffmpeg,
> transcode,
> etc.) Sti=
ll experimental for me. Some mac-oriented people are talking
> about OS X
> and this watch folder, and it seems ok, I've just tried it. But I'm
> tr=
ying to
> figure out how to do this with free software (I'm running FreeBSD=
> But both
> Cleaner and mencoder has some problems not being able to d=
ecode as
> many formats
> as I would like, meaning they aren't able to enc=
ode them. I don't know
> which
> tool's able to support most formats. Ther=
e seems to be difficult to
> automate
> this, meaning that some user confi=
guration/tweaking for every uploaded
> file may
> be necessary. Ideas, any=

hi =C5smund

sorry i didn't meet you when i worked for Intermedia and=
at Bergen 🙂

I have a really basic suggestion which runs=
counter to a lot of the
basic ideas of projects like this (which I like b=
tw). Insist on a
standard. Rather than making tools that support everythin=
g, make
something that works well and make sure people follow the standard=
you set. This is crucial because then we all know what sorts of vide=
objects are coming out the other end, and how to use them. HTML works
ike this (well should). Standard markup, means we can all learn how to
do =
it, and then it means we can write tools to make it easier, and to
do thin=
gs which what we find in html, and the objects it forms (pages,
urls, etc)=

i'd argue strongly the standard output ought to be mpeg4 derived. it is =

an international standard, it is not open source, but it is the basis
mutliple platforms (web, phone, and so on) and looks increasingly
like th=
at this is the architecture that everything else will adopt.
particularly =
with the new DVD format recently announced (which is also
mpeg4 based, see=

projects like=
this are fantastic, but risk reinventing the wheel. are
you making a prod=
uct for sale or demonstrating an idea and facilitating
things happening?

Adrian Miles
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