Re: [videoblogging] Re: Slashdot comment

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 12:38:36 -0500, Christopher Weagel
<humandog@…> wrote:

> Can you come up with a way to link these comments together?

I've already done so in September I finished. There has been no comments
here though, so stopped working on tools (why spent all my spare time if
there is no demand).

"Looking for testers":

And authoring your blog posts so video commenting systems and aggregators
can find your video files:


I've solved the issues involved with making a working system. No one has
decided to implement anything. So what's a guy to do? I have even offered
to host pingback servers for any videobloggers. Typepad users are out in
the sense that they will only be able to comment on other posts, no one
can comment on their posts, but I've heard no interest from other people.

– Andreas

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