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On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:23:18 -0500, Jay Dedman <jay@…> wrote:

> using the pingback system…wouldnt you still have to jumop around to
> differnt websites to view the videos?

That depends. If it's done right, then no. :o)
The beauty of a pingback system is that comments can be any media. You can
have audio and video comments on a text file, or text comments on an audio
file. The "problem" here is that not a lot of servers support the pingback
system "out of the box". Well need to do some lobbying to get Typepad to
support it for example.

If the servers have support the result would be pretty impressive. You
would be able to either get the list of links to comments that Steve
wants, you'd also be able to make a playlist of all video comments, or a
playlist of all audio comments. Or, you know, just normal links to the
people who wrote about you on their blogs. :o)

But it needs to be done right from the start. The videofiles would have to
stand on their own (that's where the most likely problem is) and not be a
part of an HTML page. You can't tell the difference between an HTML page
with only text and an HTML page with a video (they have the same URL), so
both would get listed as a text comment and it would not be possible to
make a video playlist.

If it gets done right it would rock.

> i agree that hypertext-style viewign is good, but this video comment
> system
> is great for making a collective "thing".
> can you make a collective "thing" with pingbacks?

Sure thing. I started on this today. Should be done before the weekend
ends. Unless I spend all my time making videos for the open-media people.

– Andreas

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