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> Andreas, You're reading my mind about the pingbacks! So why don't you
> use a blog like WordPress and just write plugin to get the functionality
> you want? WordPress supports pingbacks/trackbacks and most other generic
> things you might want. (On the other hand, I think it's great that you
> came up with your own blog software since that's definitely the way to
> learn the real ins and outs of building this kind of technology.)

The problem isn't that I don't have pingbacks on my weblog. I can get that
up and running in a day, two at the most. The problem is that places like
Blogspot and Typepad don't have pingbacks. Moveable Type doesn't have
pingbacks either (makes sense since they invented Trackbacks, but
Trackbacks sucks ass compared to pingbacks and they should get with the

I was doing a bit of testing on WordPress' pingback support, and it's not
as good as it needs to be for video comments to rock. As I anticipated
Wordpress only accepts pingbacks on the entries (anything posted from the
post screen). Your images and video files (or anything else uploaded)
don't advertise the X-Pingback header so they can't be pinged back so to
speak. I don't know how WordPress saves it's pingbacks, but if you're
lucky you can turn this on with a one-line htaccess file.

The other problem is that the pingback spec is not good enough. There's no
way to retrieve a list of pingbacks for a given ressource. This is very
very very important (if you can't get this list you can't construct the
conversation). You linked to the whitepaper Ian Hickson wrote at
<>. He has a note at the
bottom that you can use the pingback.extensions.getPingbacks() method to
retrive pingbacks, but this is not in the spec, and it's not in WordPress
(if you can write the plugin, or convince someone to include this in the
Wordpress core that would rock).

I emailed Ian Hickson about a pingback version 2.0, but he replied with a
short "No pingback ver. 2.0 yet". Since version 1.0 is two years old I
don't know if we'll ever see a version 2.0 without some pressure.

> What I can imagine is that the post you see in chronological view to be
> your consolidated movie. But if you click on the post to see it in page
> (detailed) view, you see a textual (list) breakdown of post / comment
> title, author, clip duration and a link to each comment — with an
> inline image (frame) from each video adjacent the textual description.
> The image would be hyperlinked to the video post/comment. I like the
> idea of viewing the post + comments in a cosolidated, streaming way —
> but also like the idea of visualizing the structure of the conversation
> so that I can access particular points relatively easily.

Once you've got pingback support by everyone you can pretty much do
whatever you want with the data. I'm not going to be limiting myself. I
want graphs and maps and whatever else I can come up with. :o)

But first, good pingback support for everyone. :o)

– Andreas

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