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On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 04:20:55 -0000, Eric Botticelli <eric9897@…>

> I think, for the mainstream audience, they're going to want to watch
> the internet like they watch the TV. Like they have been for 50
> years. They are most likely going to expect to be force-fed content
> with a spoon; they're not going to want to use the energy to go on an
> expedition into the unknown, the internet.

That's a load of… It's exactly that kind of predictions that has been
nothing but wrong in the course of media history, and I've heard it in
many different incarnations. People don't want the radio, they only want
the newspaper they know. Why would people want to watch tv when they can
easily hear the radio. The internet offers no new possibilities. And so on.

Creating amateur tv with a new, non-broadcast distribution, is not looking
forward. Maybe a little, but I don't understand why anyone would settle at
that when there is something much more useful.

Now, whether anyone watches hypermedia on their tv is their own problem.
If they're more comfortable with their tv they should keep using it. Just
remember that WebTv failed miserably. :o)

> So, for us, the pioneers, it doesn't matter all that much. We're
> probably all comfortable hiking the mountain. But for the future of
> this medium, for all the people content with visiting Mt. Disney, it
> may be very pivotal to develope a system to push the content and make
> it available on their television at the push of a button.

That's fine, and RSS is definately a good way to go in that regard. But
you need to push the *right* content! You can't misrepresent your content
by pushing the content of someone else.

– Andreas

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