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On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:18:10 -0000, Eric Botticelli <eric9897@…>

> Watching video is more natural to people than reading a
> newspaper because it utilizes two of our senses to convey information,
> and we never had to learn how to use the tools of seeing and hearing.
> Everyone has to *learn* how to read, and its by its nature not as
> easy to do as watch a video.

Different media has different strengths and weaknesses. If video was
better than text in all regards there would be no books or newspapers
today. This is elementary stuff.

Video is fast to consume, text takes longer.
Video is poor at creating overview, text has a much better time.
Video is linear (thus hard to search and skim), text is easy to skim and
Video represents reality so it's easier to show how something looks. On
the other hand text, because it's seperate from "reality" is very powerful
when it comes to creating images in the minds of people.

And so on. Grab any introduction on media studies. It should provide you
with some strengths and weaknesses of different types of media. The idea
that video is always the best medium is a fallacy. :o)

– Andreas

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