Re: [videoblogging] Repeat or Random visitors

I know you were asking the RocketBoom people this question but I'd like
to answer.

I think I'll get random visitors to my video blogs from Google, and
links from other bloggers and/or websites.

I think I'll get repeat viewers from people that subscribe to my feeds.

People who subscribe to my RSS feed via Blogger or TypePad, will have
to visit the blog to watch the video.

Those that subscribe to my Feedburner RSS 2.0 feed (over at my Video
Podcast blog will find
the video downloaded to their computer automatically. That is the
coolest thing.

At Bloggercon II, in one of the sessions, someone said that they would
want to subscribe to a Steve Garfield TV channel. Back then you
couldn't. Now you can.

So after reading all the posts today, I'm thinking about what to
produce that won't be the same old thing for my Video Podcast. I've
got some ideas, and the one at the top of my mind right now is to keep
it real.


On Nov 19, 2004, at 6:08 PM, Alia K wrote:

> do you mean you're comitted to making the
> shows each day rain or shine. and are you hoping to create a community
> site with repeat visitors and people who become part of the project
> or, are you happy for it to be a project you upload and go for the
> random visitors who not necessarily come back (or perhaps a bit of
> both?).
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