Re: [videoblogging] riposte :-)

> With Adrian's movie you can see how you can create references and
> quotations directly in your video. Exactly how you create links to sites
> your are talking about in your text entries. This is one half of a
> commenting system – the half that a pingback system can't (and shouldn't)
> handle.
> The other half is letting the website you are referencing know that you
> have made a comment. That's the half a pingback system can (and will)
> handle.

pingback video comments and hypervideo.
see, i imagine making a video that has a link at a particular moment
in the video.
this link takes you to another video.
and that video has a link at a certian moment.
okay, choose your own adventure but itd be weird real life stuff that I enjoy.

and making a video comment to for instance Mica's movie…
i would make a hypervideo with all the links that relate to her video.

im down with it.
why dont i see more of this stuff?