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On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 12:44:14 -0400, kenyatta cheese <minitrue@…>

> I kinda got held up trying to figure out the most user-friendly way to
> place
> the links in the video. How long do I leave each link up on screen?
> Should
> URLs auto launch? What happens if the viewer clicks away from the video?
> Do I pause the movie and wait for focus to come back to me? Do I need to
> provide a list of links at the end of the video, just in case they missed
> one? Blah blah blah, meow meow meow.

The links needs to be on the screen for at least a couple of seconds in my
opinion (3-5 is probably better). The viewer has to handle both the video,
the sound and then place the link and link text in that context before he
can make a choice as to whether clicking the link is something he'd want
to do. In my opinion it's better to leave the link visible for a short too
long, than a second too short.

What I've been thinking is to have two different areas for
link-information to pop-up. That way links can be left on the screen
longer (since two links can "overlap").

URLs should definately not auto-launch. That would be the equivalent of a
bunch of pop-up windows automatically launching when you visit a website.
There's a reason pop-up blockers in browsers are so popular. :o)
More seriously, don't auto-launch. The interactivity where the user
creates his own story by clicking through relevant references are what
makes this type of hypermedia so powerful.

By default my Quicktime player (on Windows ME) doesn't pause when I click
a link. That's fine for short videos because I can still remember the
context of each link when the movie is over. For longer videos I would
most likely pause the video to skim through the link I just clicked.

Providing a list of links at the end sounds like a good idea. Sometimes
anyway. Do what feels right. :o)

– Andreas

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