Re: [videoblogging] RocketBoomSucks

>….if you had to come back and do this over
> and over and over and over and over again….would you do it this way?
> You're lying if you said yes.

> P.S. You also need to make comments available, otherwise you miss the
> whole point.

Okay, so Shannon's post is making waves.
yes, its unusually harsh for this group….and not very constructive.
we try to support each other's work.
but its also honest.
and this is not new criticism for Andrew Barron who produces Rocketboom.

a couple weeks ago we got togther to send Lucas Gonze to his new home in hawaii.
Andrew and Josh were there and explained their new vlog that was about
to be published.
"each day an anchor will present a short news report of stuff going on online".
Lucas said, This is bullshit. i never want to see another fucking
anchor again in my life.
he explained how he loves watching news on WebJay becasue its just
straight news clips. everyone agreed. change things up while you can.
Andrew said he understood and expected us all to tear it up.
having now seen his vlog, i see that he has tried to switch it up a little.
shooting in the street…some funny bits….a little less newsy.

many of us are jumping into videoblogging, and evangelize its future,
because we are bored with whats around us.
Like Mica said, its about content.
Let's use this unmediated publishing and ditstribution method to
experiment and show different ways.
but each of us can do what they want of course.

Andreas is obsessed (a good thing) with making sure we undersatnd that
what we are doing is not "new media".
and he's absolutley correct.
A new media would be my "feeling phone" where you call someone and ,
without saying a word, they would know how you feel.
Then they would send you the appropriate feelings back.
Now that's fucking new media.
no talking.

Storytelling and Momentshowing.
Im tired of what i see made by traditional media makers.
so tired.
i watch so many new movies on the big screen becasue it seems that
Film still pushes just a little in their characters and what moments
they create.
yet the movie industry is so much investment for so little reward.

so why dont more people use these cheap tools and publishing method to go crazy?
lets show each other the stuff we live inside and out that's not in
the public mind.
maybe this doesnt happen becasue "visual creationing" is still a new
technique for most people.

at the community tv station where i work, we teach how to, loan free
equipment, and air anything a person makes.
i spend each and every day teaching and helping poeple do this.
and left to their own devices, most people mimic traditional TV formats.
its terrible and heartbreaking.
because we can never compete at that game since they have the
resources and time to make it so hypnotic.
the best shows made at MNN are the two women sitting there taking
calls, no flash, no real format, just being themselves with the
the best stuff is the guy who carries his camera around
everywhere…filming himself talking into the camera in the midst of
the city…his ideas…and reactions to things around him.
called the "church of shooting yourself".

there is a myth among frustrated creatives that says,
"there are all these great scripts, songs and novels out there that
will never see the light of day because traditional media ignores and
supresses them by not giving out funding."
i dont really believe this.
i think its you write the great POP song/script/book'll get noticed.
what there is not is a public playground for us.
videoblogging can be our place to play.

This is the whole argument behind Creative Commons…
everything we love has come out of a huge archive of stories and
images that people have borrowed and made their own.
(about every disney movie is based on old fairy tales. thief)
real creativity comes from sampling from a garden of ideas.
this is why i like that each of us have our own
videoblog/playground…and why i want to also have a place where they
are all together.
im learning from everyone.

with Rocketboom….for now i watch it and thats about it.
Andrew should at least enable comments…

when youre sitting there alone, all the stuff in your head…..
that's what i want to see.