Re: [videoblogging] some thoughts

On 15/06/2004, at 8:49 PM, Eli Chapman wrote:

> The problem I have with videoblogging (a problem I'm intent on
> solving) is that it is not a natural extension of what I do with a
> camera and computer. Text-based blogging is. I browse the web, I read
> blogs, I link, I comment, I post. We were all doing it before
> blogging existed, whether for ourselves, or on message boards, in
> email, or in word docs. For videoblogging to be this natural, all the
> video sources I consume and produce daily need to be available
> (permalinked) for easy reference and annotation. That means films,
> tv, dvds, and tapes. Then, when 1000s of videobloggers are doing the
> same, the network of reference and usage and personality will emerge.

absolutely 🙂

i have a very old piece of work which is actually a sketch in photoshop
that I turned into a QT movie, when you mouse into it it loads jpegs
from a Norwegian newspaper's webcams. This is very straightforward to
do in something like LiveStage, but it would also be relatively easy to
make a movie that would let someone enter urls and the movie would
display these urls. in fact I've got a MA student now who is doing
something like this (he's not quite there yet but check out and is certainly about to start
loading remote movies into his movies.

AS Eli notes, there is a lot that can or could be done. One of the
interesting short term things would be, for example, to get David to
make a simple scriptable movie where anyone could enter the
'permalinks' for 3 video objects to include them in their work. In
other words make a 'sketch' tool that demonstrates an idea, let people
use it and play with it, etc.

I'd like to do this too, with a movie that loads two child movies and
scripts the playback speed of each of the two child movies. I'll build
this shortly (won't be for a couple of weeks, OS conference next week)
but will let you all know when its available, what it does and how to
use it.

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