Re: [videoblogging] Special Thursday Post

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:02:23 -0400, Christopher Weagel
<humandog@…> wrote:

> Also: I tried manually posting this to but got an
> error, saying it was already posted. Is that because my permalink is
> the same for each entry? ie my main page?

Yes, your assuming correctly. :o)
The Permalink, is a permanent link to the video entry, so don't use your
main page URL in that field. It's pretty important actually. The video on
your main page will change, so when people click on one of your older
videos from they won't be able to find it because you
linked to your main page and not to the video's permanent location.

If you remember to put in the permanent location there are no problems
because all links from will always point to the correct
video – no matter how old it is. :o)

– Andreas

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