Re: [videoblogging] Steve Garfield's Video Podcast

> I downloaded ipodderx and my feed only brings up the causal observers
> podcast. Not the raven podcast, nor the video enclosure I test posted.
> These come up for you?
> I couldn't find any setting in the ipodderx preferences that referred
> to video.

huh..try it again.
i found your video by accident after Steve tested his video.
the thing that sucks about iPodder is:
you cant separate the video from the audio.

in Itunes, i can see all my audio files and make playlists.
with video..its just sitting there somewhere…you got to search for it…

one good thing is:
if you double click on a video file in iPodder…itll open up in its
original size.

try again and let me know…
ill check it.
i liked your post-election video. smart.
colin powell is now out.
guess whos coming in…Dansforth…a former christian minister….what
is this the fucking crusades?
boy oh boy.