Re: [videoblogging] suggestion

On 19/07/2004, at 9:35 PM, Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 wrote:

> How about some links pages, one for everyone's home pages/video blogs,
> one for tools? That way I wouldn't have to go through all the messages
> to get to these items…

this would be good for the wiki, though it is also something i'm aiming
for in my blog. It's also the sort of thing i'll have students working
on building in 2005, but i realise that's a bit long way away for most
of us. 🙂

in terms of links to each others blogs, just use existing blogrolls, in
mine i just place a (v) after wards to indicate that its a video blog.
however if people send me a jpeg of whatever image they want to use to
represent themselves, 60 px wide, 45 px high, with the url you want it
to link to, i'll make an interactive QT movie that can be used as a
movie blogroll.

send as attachment to adrian.miles@…

if we get that happening then might be able to find someone smarter
than i to then use a blog ping service to recognise if the blog has
been updated and we can change the movie on that basis. But lets get a
visual blog roll movie happening first 🙂

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